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Duration- An Easy Way to Measure Risk in your Bond Portfolio

The concept of duration originated in 1938.The impact of interest rate risk can be lessened using the concept of duration. If you know the duration of a bond, you can anticipate how much interest rate risk you are assuming before purchasing. It is one of the ways you...

What are “Bond Laddered” Investment Portfolios?

The “Bond Ladder” is an investment strategy that attempts to minimize risk and optimize cash flow.  These portfolios do not offset the “Interest Rate Risk” because the value of the securities will decline when interest rates rise but the monthly income stays the...

The Clouds are Clearing for Puerto Rico Debt

Puerto Rico GO’s Bond prices on the General Obligations have reversed much of the losses suffered after Hurricane Maria hit the Island. Much of this gain is due to the anticipation of better debt restructuring terms and the influx of federal funds and insurance money....

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