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Company Structure

company structure, Company Structure

Alamo Capital consists of four divisions to properly handle the requirements of our diverse client base.

Working together, these groups provide complete investment services, market information and offer quality investment opportunities for our customers.


Capital Markets Group

Alamo Capital’s institutional arm provides primary and secondary market fixed income and equity products to the institutional arena. Account coverage includes bond funds, insurance companies, bank trust departments, investment counselors, banks, broker- dealers, pension funds, private placements, states, cities and municipalities.

Wholesale Market Groups

The Wholesale Markets Group provides products, training, execution and marketing for smaller broker-dealers nationwide who do not have the advantage of their own fixed income or research departments. We provide aggressive bids and competitive offerings of fixed income securities for these broker-dealers. This enables the independent retail producer the product flow and information stream to remain competitive with major Wall Street firms.

Retail Markets Group

Our Retail Markets Group presents investment opportunities to the general public. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Unit Investment Trusts, No Fee Individual Retirement Accounts and Variable Annuities are included among the many products available.


Alamo Capital maintains a close alliance with Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt, (formerly Westhoff-Martin) an investment banking group and municipal bond underwriter that creates both tax-exempt and taxable debt instruments. Alamo Capital is the managing underwriter, sales and trading department for W.C. & H. Alamo Capital was recently selected by the California State Treasurer for book-running senior manager or co-manager for new state bond issues.

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