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Bonds and Fixed Income

Alamo Capital specializes in bond and fixed income investing, offering a varied spectrum of corporate and municipal bonds and fixed-income securities to meet the unique investment needs of retail, institutional and wholesale clients.  Since 1987, our full-service fixed income professionals have provided a depth of knowledge related to individual bonds and fixed income securities, as well as the entire fixed income market, that has helped investors meet their financial objectives.

Our fixed income specialists offer clients the ability to invest in a wide range of fixed-income products options to coordinate with their financial goals.  We also provide advice on how to effectively incorporate bonds and fixed-income securities into a diversified investment portfolio.  In addition to our specialized knowledge and professional advice, we offer timely and efficient executions of bond and fixed income investment transactions for both individual and corporate clients.

Through Alamo Capital, our clients can invest in bonds and fixed income products available in primary and secondary markets.  Additionally, our fixed income experts have exclusive access to newly issued bonds, providing an advantage to our clients that they just can’t get at other financial firms.

To view our Bond On-Line Trading System inventory, please click here.

Bonds & Fixed Income Products

Buy Bonds and Fixed Income Securities

If you are interested in buying bonds or fixed income security products, contact Alamo Capital by phone at (877) 682-5266 – or – (877) 68-ALAMO, by email at, or by filling out the form below. Our experienced fixed income specialists can provide you with information about the various types of bonds and fixed income products available for purchase.  We can also offer advice related to how bonds and fixed income securities can fit into a diversified financial portfolio and specifically, how they may meet your unique financial objectives and goals. We can also assist you with obtaining bids on bonds in order to sell or swap in the secondary market.

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