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Alamo Capital Insurance Agency

Alamo Capital Insurance Agency.


Alamo Capital is licensed in California (Ins # 0B23582) and Nevada (Ins #638524)

Providing a guarantee of compensation through insurance for specified loss, damage, illness, or death with the following list of insurance products:


Whole Life Insurance Life / death coverage – Accruing cash value (for those who want lifetime coverage).
Term Life Insurance Death insurance. Inexpensive, Time definitive (for those needing specific period coverage).
Disability Insurance Health incapacity coverage (For people with heavy obligations, good cash flow, but few expendable assets).
Nursing Home Care Using a form of universal life insurance. Provides life insurance and usable death benefits for nursing care costs.
Variable Life Insurance 7 Pay Life insurance provides diverse portfolios and tax-exempt loans; and defines death benefits.
Variable Universal Life Provides varying life insurance coverage, plus tax-exempt loans and death insurance.
Variable Annuities Provides diverse investment portfolios. Tax-deferred growth and some guarantee of principal.
S.P.D. Annuities Summary Plan Description Annuities are CD-like investments with specified time, yield, and guarantee of principal upon maturity.
Immediate Annuities Provides guaranteed income for life or defined periods – Fully taxable upon withdrawal of any principal.
Estate Tax Insurance Structured to provide funds to offset estate, and/or probate expenses.
Survivor Insurance Life insurance at lower premiums. Based on two lives (ex: husband and wife).
Mortgage Insurance Form of term insurance which pays mortgage balance upon death of insured.
Please refer to all materials available in relation to your proposed policy/contract, such as quotes, prospectus, etc, thoroughly before investing in an insurance vehicle. All products not available in all states. Insurance policies can include limitations, restrictions and exclusions. Please consult with a licensed insurance professional for full details and disclosures to ensure the product is suitable for you and your needs.

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