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Business Insurance

Business owners selflessly put the business needs above their own. Years can fly by without giving consideration to protecting the business from interruptions caused by death and disability.

Key Person Life and Disability

When a business depends on a few key people for the majority of business revenue, these people become instrumental to the ongoing success and longevity of the company. Insuring the lives of these people shelters the business from the impact of premature death and disability.

Funding Executive Benefits

When employees leave at 5pm, often the company’s greatest assets also walk right out the door. To retain your top employees, we can help you create “golden handcuffs” for your executives, such as business-owned life insurance.

Buy – Sell

Business partners usually bring complementary skills and assets to the business endeavors that are quintessential for success. However, upon the death of one of the partners the controlling shares may transfer over to the deceased partner’s spouse who does not share in the same business goals as the remaining partners. Having a buy-sell agreement in place protects all the owners from interruptions caused by leadership succession. Buy sell agreements may be funded with permanent life insurance products that also provide cash value. The cash value may be used to buy out the partner if he/she reaches normal retirement.

Alamo Capital is licensed in California (Ins # 0B23582) and Nevada (Ins #638524)

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