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Corporate Brokerage Accounts

A Corporate brokerage account must be registered in the corporation’s name. Corporate investment accounts, upon approval, will have the ability to trade on margin and options in this account type.

We offer the following types of corporate brokerage accounts:

  • Corporation – A corporate form of registration is available for an entity that has been incorporated pursuant to state law. The entity account manager must be a corporate officer or designated employee and must certify that he or she has the authority to act alone on behalf of the corporation with regard to this account.
  • Sole Proprietorship – DBA – A business which is unincorporated and has only one owner. Either a business tax ID or your personal tax ID can be used for applying for this account type. The entity account manager must be the owner of the business.
  • Investment Club – An investment club is formed when a group of friends, neighbors, business associates, or others pool limited or stated amounts of funds to invest in stock or other securities. The investment club must have a registered employer identification number (EIN).

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