Alamo Capital is in the syndicate that won the California State General Obligation

Amount: 522,530m (sold 10/17/2017)
Coupon: 5.00% 2028 - 2036; 4.00% 2037
Maturity: 08/01/2028 - 08/01/2037
Dated: 10/26/2017
Next par call: 08/01/2027
Yield to maturity: 2.17% - 2.92%YTW; 2.377% - 3.365%YTM
Taxable equivalent yield: 4.20% - 5.60%YTW; 4.600% - 6.50%YTM*
Underlying ratings: Aa3/AA-/AA- stable
Price: $109.114 - 124.776
* assuming highest CA tax bracket

Please refer to the link below for Official Statement, Continuing Disclosure, Trade Activity & Ratings (provided for Municipal securities)

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Bonds for Bond of the Day are selected if the bond is a rated, investment grade bond, typically New York municipals or corporate bonds, which have potential public appeal and may be suitable for the general public. Bonds will be updated when traded or new offerings become available. These are not proprietary products however Alamo Capital may trade the securities mentioned for their own account. Prices, yields, ratings, risks, tax benefits and consequences, call provisions, availability, etc may vary and are subject to change. Prices may not include accrued interest (if applicable). Principal and yield may fluctuate if sold prior to maturity. Brokers who sell these bonds do not receive any special compensation. The information in this post is preliminary and subject to change. Additional information to be provided as it becomes available or is updated: par amounts, ratings, CUSIPs, prices, yields, availability, postings to EMMA, etc. Please call for a copy of the Official Statement & rating report/s. Alamo Capital is a Broker / Dealer Member FINRA / SIPC

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