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      • Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt are co-managers
      • Retail order period Wednesday, April 18
      • Institutional order period Thursday, April 19
      • Series 2012B is AA/AA2/AA-
        • 2015-2037
      • Series 2012C is BBB+/A2/BBB+
        • 2012-2028

Preliminary Official Statement:

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*Market prices and other data may be obtained from outside sources and is not warranted as to completeness or accuracy. Prices, yields, ratings, tax benefits, call provisions, availability, etc. may vary and are subject to change. Prices may not include accrued interest (if applicable). Principal and yield may fluctuate if sold prior to maturity. Alamo Capital may trade the securities mentioned for their own account. Additional information available – please consult a Financial Professional or go to to determine if this investment is right for you.

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