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Rookie Training Program

Walnut Creek, California, United States

Alamo Capital’s Rookie Training Program for Financial Advisors/Brokers is perfect for you if you are Aggressive, Goal Oriented, Methodical, Outgoing, Personally Accountable, a Self-Starter and Determined then we can help you achieve your goals! Learn investments including, but not limited to: municipals, corporates, governments, agencies, foreign bonds, mortgage backed securities, rated and non-rated securities, convertibles, reverse convertibles, taxable and tax-free securities, laddered portfolios, retirement planning, college savings plans, financial planning, insurance (life, health, LTC, annuities), mutual funds.


  • Must have a college degree.
  • Must pass SIE, Series 7 & 65 or 66 – Alamo Capital will sponsor YOU.
  • Must take aptitude test to see if you have the salesperson drive.
  • You will work with seasoned Alamo Capital Financial Advisors and will report directly to them.
  • Must have a complete business plan that includes what, when and how YOUR goals will be accomplished.
  • Forgivable draw of up to $3,000 for 1 year from day of registering at Alamo Capital.
  • Candidate maybe released prior to 6 months if they do not perform required tasks or if the comfort level of trainer is not satisfied – will be decided upon management review.
  • Will sit with each and every department and have training sessions on every aspect of Alamo Capital to ensure success.
  • Must have set hours in the office.
  • Must clear outside appointments w/ supervisor in advance.
  • Must attend Alamo Capital sponsored events and also join at least 3 networking groups.
  • Hire must pass all insurance exams on first time or released from employment.


To apply, email us at

In your email, please include: your name, phone number, position you are applying for, best time of day to reach you, and your resume.

Alamo Capital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Alamo Capital is a Broker/Dealer Member FINRA, SIPC and BBB A+ Rated.

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