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Rookie Broker Program


Rookie Training Program- Financial Advisor/Broker


Walnut Creek, CA or Las Vegas, NV

Job Description:

Alamo Capital is launching a Rookie Training Program for Financial Advisors/Brokers. If you are Aggressive, Goal Oriented, Methodical, Outgoing, Personally Accountable, a Self-Starter and Determined then we can help you achieve your goals!

Learn investments including, but not limited to: municipals, corporates, governments, agencies, foreign bonds, mortgage backed securities, rated and non-rated securities, convertibles, reverse convertibles, taxable and tax-free securities, laddered portfolios, retirement planning, college savings plans, financial planning, insurance (life, health, LTC, annuities), mutual funds.


1. Must have college degree.

2. Must pass Series 7 & 65 or 66- Alamo Capital will sponsor YOU.

3. Must take aptitude test to see if you have the sales person drive.

4. You will work with seasoned Alamo Capital Financial Advisors and will report directly to them.

6. Must have a complete business plan that includes what, when and how YOUR goals will be accomplished.

7. Forgivable draw of up to $3,000 for 1 year from day of registered at Alamo Capital.

8. Candidate maybe released prior to 6 months if does not perform required tasks or comfort level. of trainer is not satisfied-will be decided upon management review.

9. Will sit with each and every department and have training sessions on every aspect of Alamo Capital to ensure success.

10. Must have set hours in the office.

11. Must clear outside appointments w/ supervisor in advance.

12. Must attend Alamo capital sponsored events and also join at least 3 networking groups.

13. After full time hire must pass all insurance exams on first time or released from employment.

Alamo Capital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Alamo Capital is a Broker/Dealer Member FINRA, SIPC and BBB A+ Rated.

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For more information, please either call our office at (877) 68-ALAMO – or – (877) 682-5266, fill out or brief contact form or email our office at

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